Before and After Tax Season Checklist: How to Increase Revenue and Add Value

Hectic schedules and an immense workload often prevent accountants from fulfilling their role as a trusted advisor during tax season. Time crunches mean that some strategic planning that accountants wish they could implement for their clients goes out the window during these months. Though strategic planning for clients must be put on hold during these times, there are things your firm can do to construct its business planning around tax season and open the door to firm growth.

What Accountants Should Do Before Speaking With An Editor

Here’s the scenario. You have been fortunate enough to be contacted by an editor at a local or national publication that is working on a story in the tax or accounting space and they need your expertise. Before we go on, it’s important to note that there are many strategies to explore in trying to get contacted by an editor in the first place. Anyway, now it’s time to prepare for the call. What should you do in advance of the call?

Is Your Accounting Firm Gaining New Clients Online?

By now, many accounting firms have a website. Firms are motivated to have a site because other firms in the area have one and most clients expect it. Accounting firms that do not have a website, may be sending a message that they are not keeping up with the rest of the industry. Firms that have a site still need to assess whether or not it is actually helping them generate new business.

Should My Accounting Firm Join A BNI Group?

It should be no secret to accountants that referrals from existing clients and those in their professional network can be the best source of new business. To that point, accountants may be considering expanding their professional network by joining a business networking international (BNI) group. Let’s explore whether or not this potential business development activity is worthwhile for your practice?