TaxResearchPro Client Testimonial Highlights Our Research

Today, we received the below TaxResearchPro client testimonial from one of our Midwest CPA clients.

From time to time every tax practioner needs help navigating the Internal Revenue Code. It does not matter who you are..all of us need periodic help after our own research leaves us confused & frustrated.

Over the years I have tried many tax research firms without much success. Most of the times my questions would not be answered completely or I had litte faith in their research. I started to believe they were all the same and I was just wasting money.

Then I found TaxResearchPro
I could tell on the 1st question this was completely different.

All the answers were backed up by the Code, Regs, Rulings, Procedures, Cases, etc. They seemed to be talking my language
where with the other services research WAS ALWAYS LACKING and they acted like the Code itself was foreign….I generally ended up teaching them..

And we all know sometimes the Code is extremely gray. Even in these cases they offer thoughts on how to solve the problem.

As an example currently we are working together on a cost segregation that includes accounting method changes & all the complexity with that. (the dreaded Form 3115). However the client will be very happy with the tax benefit results.

Oh and there is something else…these guys are very fast. Usually they have an answer the same day..and they even work weekends & nights.

I hope you will give them a try, AT LEAST ONCE, to prove themselves and & I think you will very happy with the results.

I have not received any COMPENSATION FOR THIS testimonial.


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